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The IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program is an internationally recognized and accepted evaluation system designed to assess the operational management and documented control systems resident within an airline. All IATA members are required to be IOSA registered.

We maintain an expert team of qualified IOSA auditors and evaluators who provide Conformance Audit Support Services to airline’s committed to assuring continuous conformity to IOSA.

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Our IOSA Support Service Team is highly knowledgeable of the process to successfully achieve initial and renewal IOSA audits.

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Benefits from Our IOSA Support Services

We maintain accredited auditors and SME’s to support IOSA clients around the globe, with offices located in the Americas, Europe and Asia. AvMaSSI can assist your organization in the following manner:

Preparation for Initial and Renewal IOSA

IOSA Support Services are customized to each client’s needs assuring an efficient and successful audit process. AvMaSSI assists in all preparations concerning your organization’s processes and documentation including IOSA awareness for your team of employees.

Additionally, we can:

The AvMaSSI Safety Team

Our safety experts have extensive experience in the field of operations, safety and security and draw from expertise developed from regulatory, airline, business and charter operations. They bring best practices in airport security from around the world. They provide a comprehensive, effective and independent assessment of overall program compliance and conformance.

Providing Unique Solutions For The Advancement Of Operational Integrity and Safety - Worldwide.

The AvMaSSI Team provides your Airline with the insight, hands-on expertise and confidence required to prepare your organization effectively for a successful initial IOSA registration or renewal.

The leading expert in safety and operational integrity evaluations and auditing to airlines, airports, governments, international agencies, manufacturers and financial institutions.

IOSA Conformance Audit and Report

AvMaSSI and its cadre of current IOSA auditors provide expert support to enable your successful IOSA renewal. We customize our IOSA Conformance Audit and Report Services to each of our client’s operational and cultural needs.

AvMaSSI can provide the following for your Organization: