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AvMaSSI Audit Services Group provides independent support services in the following areas:

  • Safety ArchitectureTM Independent Operational Assessment (SAIOA)
  • IS-BAO Audit (Stages I, II and III)
  • IS-BAH Audit for Airports and Fixed Base Operators (FBO)
  • IATA IOSA Conformance Audit  - AvMaSSI maintains a cadre of qualified IOSA auditors
  • Safety Management System (SMS), Security Management System (SeMS), Quality Management System (QMS)
  • Marine ISM Independent Audit and Gap Analysis - Marine Terminal Safety and Traffic Management Audit
  • Occupational Safety & Health Audit (OSHA and EH&S)
  • Audit Programs - Charter Vendor - Supplemental Lift - Managed Aircraft Operations - Tour Operators - Studio Prodution Support - Balloon Operations
  • Supply Chain Performance Audits

Safety ArchitectureTM (SA) Assessments and Evaluations for Operational Excellence

AvMaSSI applies its bespoke “Safety ArchitectureTM” Approach for Operational Excellence on all projects. Safety Architecture is unique, focusing on systems and programs supporting organizational and technical performance while assuring compliance. This process is used to enhance the operator’s ability to sustain the integrity of the operation into the future. 

  • Program Audits for specific clients
  • Airline, Air Carrier/Charter, Airport enterprise wide audits & diagnostics
  • Bespoke audit programs for high visibility clients
  • Operational Excellence Diagnostic which comprise auditing for compliance and guidance for corrective action and operational excellence
  • Audits tailored to address: SMS, SeMS, QMS, OSHA, EH&S, ERM & ERP


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