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Airworthiness Services

AvMaSSI is your single source organization for Aircraft Airworthiness Services. Our global network of experts are available providing fast response for your needs.

AvMaSSI offers customized solutions to meet the requirements of aircraft operators, insurance companies and the financial community.

AvMaSSI Airworthiness Services (AAS)

  • Aircraft Technical Representation
    • At OEMs during Manufacturing, Acceptance & Delivery
    • At MRO/AMO Facilities during Maintenance, Acceptance & Delivery
  • Inspection Services
    • Conformity Inspection & Assistance with Certification Processes
    • Aircraft Physical Inspections
    • Component Inventory Reviews
    • Aircraft & Records Regulatory Compliance Status
      • ADs, Configurations, Repairs and Modification
  • Maintenance Programs & Support
    • Development of Inspection & Maintenance Programs
    • Update Maintenance Program to Latest MRB Revision
    • Bridge from Operator’s Inspection Program Back to Latest MRB
    • Bridge from High to Low Utilization
  • Registration Support
    • Aircraft Registration
    • Transfer of Registration
  • Records Management Support
    • Aircraft Records Recovery & Duplication
    • Digital Conversion of Historical Records
    • Records Protection Assessment & Guidance
  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization (CAMO)
    • Development of in-house CAMO capability
    • Sourcing of contracted CAMO services
  • Contracted CAMO and Maintenance Provider Oversight
    • Oversight of contracted CAMO functions
    • Oversight of contracted MRO functions