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Air Carrier Certification


AvMaSSI is a leading expert in Regulatory Certification & Compliance.  We have developed a comprehensive Air Operator Certification (AOC) and technical manual development program that includes assistance in structuring your organization to meet the intent of the applicable regulations as well as to build a foundation for sustainability into the future.

AvMaSSI is recognized by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as a Qualified Certification Consultant (QCC) to assist air carrier applicants in preparing for the 14 CFR Part 121 air carrier certification process. AvMaSSI also supports 14 CFR Part 135, and Part 125 operators intent on developing fully functional content and document management systems to support regulatory compliance and conformance to industry best practices and advances.

Our methodology is based on the AvMaSSI “Safety ArchitectureTM” Approach for Operational Excellence. Safety Architecture is unique because it focuses on the systems and program that support organizational and technical performance rather than just compliance. This process is used to enhance the carrier’s ability to sustain the integrity of the operation into the future.  AvMaSSI has developed a certification process based on a system safety approach to operational structure.  This approach incorporates the system safety concepts embodied within the System Approach for Safety Oversight (SASO).

Our understanding and work with civil aviation authorities and major airlines and advanced operators around the world provides AvMaSSI with a real world perspective regarding operational integrity and the resources needed to sustain it.  In addition, AvMaSSI builds international best practices and harmonized enhancements into our AOC and Technical Manuals based on developments within the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) framework, and advances championed by the Flight Safety Foundation, EASA, FAA and other notable safety of flight advocates.

Since 2004, the leadership team achieved IATA Operational Safety Audit accreditation as one of the premier worldwide Auditing Organizations (AO) for the IOSA program, and now as AvMaSSI provides comprehensive IOSA preparation services to the airlines wishing to streamline IOSA effectiveness. Since 1995, the AvMaSSI leadership team have performed hundreds of operational safety and quality audits of certificate holders and code share audits (internal evaluations) of carriers based on an ICAO/DOT/FAA/EASA/AA and CAA and U.S. Department of Defense (“DoD”) standard.

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