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AvMaSSI Statement

The management team of the ICF SH&E Safety Practice have negotiated the successful separation of the Safety Practice to a new independent organization – Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International, LLC. (AMSSI). Led by Lou Sorrentino and supported by José Muñoz and Peter White, AvMaSSI is headquartered in Florida with a London satellite office.

AvMaSSI will continue to serve the aviation community with focused safety/SMS, security, regulatory compliance, certification and civil aviation safety services, but will now formally expand into the marine marketplace, serving seaports, marinas, managed vessels and super yachts, providing safety and security services worldwide.

The existing management team will be joined by Paul Cubillos and Wayne Austin among others.

As part of the transition, AvMaSSI will continue to support ICF in specialized endeavours and will transition client relationships over to AvMaSSI as ICF exits the safety services business. Equally, AvMaSSI is working with IATA for the orderly transition of the IOSA Audit Organization (AO) accreditation over to AvMaSSI in the coming weeks. In the interim, AvMaSSI will continue to support and service existing ICF SH&E IOSA clients through the transition period.

The Team that has serviced hundreds of aviation clients for over 15 years will continue to manage all safety consulting and auditing programs, fulfilling all commitments to current clients under a new name – Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International - “AvMaSSI”.

AvMaSSI will provide all current and future clients the highest quality, integrity and professionalism of service that they have come to expect from this seasoned and experienced management team. 

We look forward to continuing to serve the aviation and marine communities with the best safety assistance & oversight services.