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Management of Change (MoC)

A Collaborative Approach To Raising Awareness Amidst a Constant State of Change

The Importance of Being Consistent—Aviation’s Most Cost-Effective Safety Tool

The most basic checks are pivotal and imperative.

Human Trafficking Awareness

AvMaSSI Joins the Global Effort to Raise Awareness to Human Trafficking and How to Identify It.

Vigilance! Now More Than Ever. A Time to Act!

Vigilance. The time is now!

The Bedrock of Aviation – Standard Operating Procedures... Consider the Variables!

The Effectiveness of Your Standard Operating Procedure

The Journey to the New Normal

Is Your Organization Prepared to Resume Operations?

Aviation Operations in the Year of the Coronavirus

Coronavirus and the new normal...

The Bedrock of Aviation – Integrity

Integrity and Leading by Example in the Aviation Industry

Understanding Compliance Monitoring and Its Benefits

The essence of the phrase ‘Compliance Monitoring’

Raising Awareness to Assure System Safety

Marshalling Signals and the Need to Look Beyond the Aircraft

Are you Ready for Thermal-Runaway?

Raising Awareness to Address this Latest Threat to Aviation

DaVinci Inflight Training Institute | ServeSafe Food Safety Certification Training

ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification Training

Eliminating Confusion within your SMS – SPIs, SPTs vs KPIs

Bottom line, SPIs and SPTs are management’s best tools for determining the overall safety health of the organization...

IBAC's IS-BAH: Eliminating Confusion within your SMS – SPIs, SPTs vs KPIs

Providing some pointers to enhance the Audit Reports to bring about quicker resolution.

Applying Risk Management Tools to Achieve Operational Excellence

Ensuring an Effective Risk Management Program within your Organization

FAA Approves Commercial Drone Flights at Night

AvMaSSI assists Industrial Skyworks in securing approval from FAA for commercial drone flights at night.

The Airport Risk Manager’s ERM/SMS Dilemma

AvMaSSI has partnered with Bickmore, a leading independent risk management, insurance and actuarial consulting firm, to jointly introduce a realistic strategy to implement the Safety Management System (SMS) as a complimentary program supporting an Airport’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program.

How Supply Chain/External Vendors Can Impact Your SMS Performance

Vendor safety performance can directly impact your organization’s safety performance, particularly if associated with critical safety functions.

Quality System Oversight to Improve Safety and Operational Integrity: The Most Important Tool for Executive Leadership

For this article, we are focusing on the use of the phrase as a means to evaluate if your company is performing to its stated operational goals and standards.

Management of Change... Taking a Closer Look

Validating your organization’s efforts to assure safety and operational integrity is a key element of maintaining a safe operation writes Louis Sorrentino and Mike Smith from Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International.

NBAA Introduces AvMaSSI

NBAA gave an opportunity for Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International (AvMaSSI) to introduce itself to the industry. Headed by former SH&E executive Lou

AvMaSSI Statement

Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions Inc releases it's first statement about their recent industry expansion into the Marine Industry with new staff on deck.