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We maintain an expert team, qualified to assist you in developing an integrated IGOM equivalent operation assuring conformity to the IGOM concept.


We maintain a global network of seasoned safety professionals, highly skilled evaluators/auditors all fully conversant in the vocabulary of IOSA and the application of the ISARPS within real world airline operations. Our Independent IOSA Conformance audits and reports will provide your airline with the confidence in its quality system with our validation audit, which can also serve as your IOSA Conformance Report for your IOSA renewal audit. 

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Why You Need An IGOM

The IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) concept was initiated by the industry for the industry with the objective of having one internationally recognized standard for ground handling processes. The IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) defines ground handling standards for airlines and ground service providers to ensure ground operations activities are safely, efficiently, and consistently accomplished. Procedures reflect the minimum standards as identified by the aviation industry.

AvMaSSI's IGOM integration services provide your operation with a platform to incorporate this definitive source for the latest industry-approved standards harmonizing ground handling processes and procedures for front-line personnel.

Introduction to IGOM

Ground Operations are an essential task for all airlines and ground service providers. To deliver smooth turnarounds and on time departures, with Safety being the #1 priority. The IATA Board of Governors has set a target (50% of member airlines in 2016) to start to implement the IATA Ground Operation Manual (IGOM) as their minimum standard for ground operations. Certain regulatory authorities have made IGOM compliance a requirement. The IGOM is a unique compilation of essential ground handling procedures, agreed by key industry stakeholders for ground operation front-line personnel.

Updated annually and under the auspices of IATA, the IGOM covers key “How to do” aspects of ground handling, within the functions:

  • Passenger Handling Procedures
  • Baggage Handling Procedures
  • Cargo and Mail Handling Procedures
  • Aircraft Handling Procedures
  • Load Control
  • Airside Safety Operational Oversight

Benefits to IGOM

The IATA Ground Operations Manual (IGOM) is a standardized compilation of essential ground handling procedures recognized around the world to ensure a consistent level of service from ground service providers (GSPs). It also applies to staff entering the aircraft for purposes such as catering, cleaning or supervision excluding aircraft maintenance, fueling or de-icing tasks. It must be understood that the IGOM contains text which defines what must or should be accomplished but at no time does it define how each process or procedure is to be accomplished, that is, it is for the Operator to define how it achieves alignment with the IGOM requirements.

With this international harmonization come some considerable benefits. Making the IGOM the minimum standard is to:

  • Reduce Operational Complexity
  • Enhance Inter-Departmental Communication
  • Raising Awareness to Hazard Reduction Strategies
  • Aid SMS Integration
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Reduce Training Costs
  • Simplify Oversight

IOSA Conformance Audit and Report

AvMaSSI and its cadre of current IOSA auditors provide expert support to enable your successful IOSA renewal. We customize our IOSA Conformance Audit and Report Services to each of our client’s operational and cultural needs.

AvMaSSI can provide the following for your Organization: