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Strategic Intent

Our Mission

To ensure conformance to known standards and recommended best practices for operators worldwide, we aim to position AvMaSSI to be consistently top of mind for:

  • Civil Aviation Authorities

  • Airlines, Regional and Cargo Operators

  • Airports

  • Commercial & Corporate Operator

  • Seaports - Marinas

  • Commercial Marine Carriers, Transports and Super Yacht Operators

  • Specialized aviation and marine operations

Our Approach

AvMaSSI’s Safety ArchitectureTM methodology was developed by the leadership of AvMaSSI and applied on all of our operational assessments, ensuring a comprehensive identification of all programs, systems, and internal/external programs/services that have an impact on the operational health of an organization. AvMaSSI has refined the Safety ArchitectureTM methodology to apply to the aviation and marine industries via the Safety ArchitectureTM  Independent Operational Assessment (SAIOA) tool for Operational Excellence.

The SAIOA is founded on a four-step process:

  1. Assessment of the applicable program or technical area against regulatory requirements and industry best practices (Standards);
  2. Evaluation of the systems and controls in place to achieve operational integrity and meet/exceed Standards;
  3. Analysis of relevant operational performance - identification, reporting, analysis and corrective action management as well as risk-based data derived from internal and external service providers;
  4. Creation of a “Corrective Action Plan” (design, implementation, and monitoring)

AvMaSSI directs the focus of the SAIOA in the areas of:

  • Organization and Administration
  • Operational & Corporate Safety & Security (Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Safety (Security) Management System)
  • Technical Programs
  • Training and recurrent refinement of training needs to support goals and objectives
  • Contracted Services
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Systems

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