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Aviation & Marine Safety Solutions International, LLC (AvMaSSI) is the leading expert in safety and operational integrity consulting, evaluations and auditing. Formerly SH&E and ICF SH&E, AvMaSSI developed a proprietary evaluation methodology, called “Safety ArchitectureTM”, which is unique within the transportation industry because it focuses on integrated systems assessment rather than anecdotal quantitative compliance-based surveillance. In addition to assessing policies, procedures, people and programs as they pertain to regulatory compliance, AvMaSSI’s Safety ArchitectureTM approach has been applied successfully within the aviation and marine environment and examines the critical inter-relationship between technical programs, operational procedures and the human or behavioral interface within the aviation and marine operations. Since the inception of the Safety ArchitectureTM Approach, we have applied this leading-edge methodology to assess hundreds of air operators successfully and selected marine and off shore operations in every region of the world.

AvMaSSI Leadership has been directly involved with developing the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) program as founding members through SH&E and as the initial auditing team for the Code-Share Audit program on behalf of United Airlines and several Star Alliance Members. Today, AvMaSSI continues to support those airlines considering entering IOSA with preparation services as well as IOSA renewal preparedness, GAP, and training services.

Recognized by the FAA as a Qualified Certification Consultant (QCC): AvMaSSI is formally recognized by the FAA as one of five organizations qualified to assist US air carrier applicants in preparing for the commercial air operator certification process. 

Safety & Risk Management Services Supplier to Insurance Companies and Brokers: AvMaSSI has been supplying safety, loss control, complex risk assessments, exposure surveys and risk management services to a variety of aviation and marine operators through insurance programs managed by the Operator's insurance company and/or insurance broker. In this way, the Operator is provided bespoke safety and loss control services by the leading industry expert – AvMaSSI, rather than generalist services provided by the insurance company or subcontractor. AvMaSSI provides these services to several international insurance markets and a variety of prominent insurance companies and specialized brokers and smaller boutique firms.

AvMaSSI continues to provide extensive civil aviation safety oversight restructuring and airport systems consultation in numerous countries around the world. Its knowledge of  US DOT/FAA, JAR/EASA regulations and other Civil Aviation systems of the world enable AvMaSSI to provide expert guidance and consultation across a broad range of operating systems and environments.

AvMaSSI’s approach to safety is to assist clients in minimizing enterprise risk through the identification and mitigation of human and organizational weaknesses, applying predictive and proactive methods of identifying potential hazards and risk before they are allowed to propagate. In addition, AvMaSSI provides a specialized Post Accident - Forward Looking Assessment to those clients who have experienced a significant loss or event.  This focus provides a means for our clients to decide what risk is acceptable, what risk must be mitigated and what risks need to be eliminated. Human and organizational weaknesses are accident precursors. AvMaSSI’s approach serves to identify, eradicate or contain them.

AvMaSSI continues to perform operational assessments for a variety of entities, such as national airlines, legacy carriers, regional carriers, charter and VVIP, seaports and marinas, large private vessels, offshore O&G operations, investment groups, and CEO’s of organizations concerned with the operational status of their organization and intent on determining that their technical programs are  current, comprehensive and effective.

Reasons have varied from client to client, however the most prominent is the desire to better understand the present level of safety and challenges to ensure optimum operational integrity within their organization compared to applicable regulations and internationally recognized best practices. The information, insight, and guidance provided by AvMaSSI to its clients enable them to more effectively focus their organization on the safety and effectiveness of their  operations and transportation programs.

AvMaSSI provides the only truly independent, integrated operational safety assessment and risk analysis service that examines the interfaces amongst functional areas of the operator's system to ensure they are sustainable into the future.

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